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Piece 2, A/W 2024 Collection One Bung Lung

I have a question for you. It is not just intended for people who are facing into an actual health diagnosis and praying for healing. It is also for people who would rather never have to face into an illness at all if they could avoid it. So here it is. Would you be willing to do the work to stop doing the things that you know deep down are making you, or could make you, sick?


If you are already facing a health challenge and you are asking, praying, manifesting for wellness that is all well and good. But if the answer to the above question was no or even a half-baked yes, the healing is bound to be sub-par. And if you are thankfully in wonderful health that you want to keep that way, then if there are things that you have ever found yourself quietly thinking are not serving you, then maybe now is a good time to consider changing things up a bit.


If almost everything about the way I lived my life before I got cancer has changed, how could I not acknowledge that my “before” lifestyle and choices were less than ideal? I went to Brisbane this week to see the doctor who operated on my original head and neck cancer. He said my new diagnosis was an extraordinary outcome because a secondary cancer of this particular kind has never shown up as only one lesion before. It is normally a minimum of 6 to 7 lesions across both lungs.


Turns out me and my one bung lung are a rarity. I asked my normally very scientific surgeon whether he believed that this outcome had anything to do with all the holistic health and self-work I had done over the last seven years. His answer: “Abso-fucking-lutely”. (OK, so his was without the “fucking” but he said the word with the same level of emphatic enthusiasm so I have added it in to make my point, and my personal sense of pride, clear).


When I received my initial diagnosis of metastatic adenoid cystic carcinoma on the lung, I initially deflated like a balloon and wondered what the heck all the effort had been for. I lost faith and confidence momentarily in all that I had researched and then implemented to fight for my future life and longevity. Until that moment.


So, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I would sprinkle a little of my "how to" health dust onto this page in case anyone else is motivated to change their own environment for greater wellness. Here are just a few of the changes I have made based on a very long term, passionate and deep study of all the health science and philosophical wisdom:


·      Holisitic Health: Western Medicine has been a gift. But holistic health has been even more bountiful. Find what modality is right for you. For me it was the Ayurvedic health system with all of its beautiful herbs, daily practices and treatments.

·      Community: We are nothing without each other and so let that village in to support you in life- when it’s both smooth sailing and when it’s rough seas. Spend more time with people that you love.

·      Self-care: Let that community wrap its arms around you, for sure. And give back to it in any way you can also. However, make sure to nurture numero uno as well. Massages, treatments, acupuncture, energy healing. Whatever tickles your fancy. Just prioritise yourself today.

·      Purpose: Focus on your reason to live and if you don’t have one, find it. It doesn’t have to be family. It could be friends, business pursuits, creativity. MEDI STEADY GO® was born as a result of scientific results that have proven how impactful purpose can be on our health.

·      Stress Less: Stress is without doubt the number one cause of all disease- mental and physical. Busy is not a signpost of success. Burnout should never be worn as a badge of honour. Do everything you can to reduce it in your life.

·      Work-life balance: Elon Musk said it best when with his usual candour he said “if you died tonight your employer would advertise to fill your role by the end of the month…don’t get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life”. Stay passionate about your work but keep perspective about what's important.

·      Exercise and Sleep Well: Move, and often. Rest, and properly. Go to bed and rise in accordance with the circadian rhythms of mother nature.

·      Diet: Let food be thy medicine. Moderate your intake of processed man-made foods, sugar, saturated fats, alcohol. Favour eating food as it comes directly from nature and try to reduce its toxicity by buying organic.

·      Decrease your toxic load: Consider carefully what products you use in your household and more importantly on your skin. Make sure they are clean and non-toxic.

·      Meditate: Please join my MEDI STEADY GO Vedic mediation course so that I can teach you the technique, and body of spiritual wisdom, that I credit with saving my life and maximising the health of my mind, body and soul.


For those who are already dealing with a health challenge of some kind, remember that sometimes we have to be made uncomfortable, otherwise we may never have moved. And, for those who are wanting to stay beautifully healthy remember that our bodies are always offering us little intuitive signs to help us maintain balance but if we don’t listen the messages get louder. So, if you receive any, consider making the changes while it’s still nice and quiet.


It is surgery time very soon for me and my one bung lung. But we will be back. Standing and breathing stronger. Not just because we are thinking positively. But because we are adapting and taking action.


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Apr 21

You are such a wonderful writer…one woman, so many talents ❤️


Apr 21

You’re an unbelievable wonder dear S. Much love xx


Apr 21

Thank you for sharing your knowledge gained! You are an amazing human being and deserve good health. Say bye to the bung lung. Please keep writing 💗.

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