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I was interviewed by Sam Mac on Sunrise Channel 7 for World Head and Neck Cancer Day to share a short part of my own recovery from cancer

I was interviewed many years ago by Richard Ackland for the Sydney Morning Herald about my decision to move from a corporate job based in Paris to work for a charity I am passionate about called The Wayside Chapel. 

My personal story and journey with a rare head and heck cancer was catalogued on the website for the national charity for Head and Neck Cancer Australia dedicated to raising awareness for this rare type of cancer and improving the outcomes for patients.  I was very proud to support them on World Head & Neck Cancer Day in 2023.


I enjoyed a lovely conversation with an old mate from my days at Coca-Cola, the Head of People and Culture at Accolade Wines, Anjanette Murfett on the Realising Your Potential podcast. We talked about life challenges that grind you to a halt like my cancer diagnosis did and what my approach to overcoming adversity in life and in leadership is.

I had a brilliant and open conversation with Marija Duka on her podcast The Career Confidence. We went way beyond careers and went deep into my journey with cancer, how meditation was my portal through the anxiety and stress and had a good chitty chat about the empowerment that comes from taking more personal responsibility.

I had the honour of being the final guest on the last episode of the brilliant podcast of one of my best friends Jules Robinson and the wonderful journo Mel Wilson called The Juggling Act. We chatted about my cancer journey, how I managed physically and mentally, my passion for Vedic Meditation and how it saved my life.


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