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This Sanskrit phrase spoken by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the guiding light, inspiration and entire reason for being for my Medi, Steady, Go ® meditation course. Translated, it means “Established in Being, Perform Action”.


The reason I love it so much is because after I had learned meditation, my natural question as an action and goal oriented woman with loads to achieve and needing the most optimal calm state of being in which to approach them, was "and then what?".


This phrase implores us to take the state of being we achieve after meditating twice daily and not just keep sitting, but rather take that blissful, calm, joyful and loving state out into the world for the betterment of your own life, for the deliverance of your role in the evolution of things but also to raise the collective energy and vibration of the entire community.



Twice Daily

  • Learn the effortless ancient meditation technique

  • Do it twice daily for twenty minutes each time

  • Integrate this practice into your life and make it a daily priority

  • Put your body into a state of de-excitation after the stresses and stimulation of your busy day

  • Tip your stress to rest ratio in your favour so that you can feel calmer, happier, clearer, more awake, more expansive, more capable

  • Experience what it is like to let go of your ego, your physical and socially conditioned identity

  • access that part of your true nature that has and always will be there and that is already fulfilled


Steady Yourself

  • Let me guide you with practical wisdom steeped in history to bring a steadiness to your life and help you avoid the incessant worry of the mind over things which you cannot control

  • Be less a victim to the outside world- the sorrows, the troubles, the sicknesses, the losses and learn how to stay equanimous and meet them with steadiness

  • learn to manage your stresses, anxieties and fears so that they bind and limit you less and less each day.


Go Out & Take Action

  • From that state of being experienced during your meditation practice, let me teach and mentor you on how to take that calm, expansive self out into the world and help you better face fears, trials and difficulties

  • From that more subtle state of awareness get access to the creativity and clarity you need to discover and go after your true life purpose

  • Be the example to the world of love, compassion and kindness to influence a happier state for the world


Have you ever noticed that a tree stands strong and sturdy, impervious to the effects of the wind and natures tyranny?


Doesn't that sound like a blissful, strong and steady way of being to aspire to?


The tree is this way because of its strong roots and foundation and also the nourishment it receives from the soil. As humans, we tend to get up in the morning, look at Instagram, watch scary and violent news stories, and then go out into the world.


And then in that state, as soon as something unexpected or unliked comes our way we fall over.  We want to be more like the tree in the wind though.


Learning Vedic Meditation with me will provide you with the same solid foundation as the roots of a tree and the nourishment of your own soil enabling you to go about your day in a steady way, unruffled by the winds and life challenges that may come your way. And to shine your light, your purpose and your contribution on the world.



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