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Well, not literally. Dont just sit here and watch this space. I would much rather you read my blog or come learn to meditate with me. But I wanted to let you know that I am deeply, passionately, lovingly, excitedly, anxiously, obsessively and impatiently in the process of completing my very first non-fiction deeply personal book. 

I was serendipitously lucky enough to have found a start up indie publisher who considered my book worthy of publishing and had signed a deal. That publisher was a young female entrepreneur who had a vision and decided that publishing self help books would change the world. I was inspired by her and so grateful for her belief in me. Unfortunately her publishing house had to close. So I am thinking now how else I might get my book out there.


That same publisher wanted to join me in making sure this book reached the world and so is now editing my book with me. It's is coming. It might be slow but nothing can stop me. 

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