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Here to meet you wherever you are, with no judgment, and share with you the practice and wisdom that will take you to a place of greater self-sufficiency. A place where you feel empowered, calm, steady and ready to go out into the world and take action.


By day, I am a full-time working mum and also an executive General Counsel in a leading Australian food company. I need to be in a state of being that is strong, capable and steady enough to thrive in a busy world and meet the demands of the many roles that I play.


I have also survived an enormously frightening battle with a rare head and neck cancer and am grateful to live to tell my story to you all. And to share all of the wisdom that comes from having lived through that trauma while my baby was only 1.5 years old. That battle left me with ongoing scars, challenges, anxieties and fears that I also needed to find a way to help me manage.


The portal back to good health physically and mentally was most definitely opened  on the day I learned how to meditate. Not just any old meditation technique. But the most effortless, easy, graceful and ancient technique known as Vedic Meditation. I had tried every other kind of meditation before- guided, concentration, mindfulness and nothing ever stuck. Nothing provided me with the gateway to expanded awareness and a more limitless sense and experience of my own capabilities, self sufficiency and power than Vedic Meditation.


I have not just learned the technique and prioritised it for 20 minutes twice daily for over 7 years now. I have also spent years and years studying the ancient wisdom of the Veda’s. The Veda’s are the oldest scriptures of Universal wisdom which originated in India over 6,000 years ago. This form of meditation came from the Veda's and so I have not just learned the technique but also all of the wisdom and philosophy that underpins it. And I just need and want now to share it with the world.


watch a short video of my cancer journey here


I have passionately immersed myself in Vedic wisdom for many years and completed the following courses:

  • Vedic Meditation Course: 4 day initiation to the technique

  • Advanced Mantra: Upgrade to advanced mantra after 3 years of meditating

  • Vedic Meditation Teacher Training with Tom Cronin: Three months intensive training and retreat

  • The Zen Academy with Tom Cronin: Three month course on conscious leadership

  • Exploring the Vedas Instalments 1-6: A deep dive into Vedic Philosophy with Thom Knoles

  • Mastering the Sindhis Instalments 1-5: A study of the wisdom from Patanjali's yoga sutras to master human capability and manifest desires 

  • Recognising God: A 2 day intensive course about changing your perception of the world in a waking state with Thom Knoles

I would love to be your teacher.  I have always believed that if you want to feel miserable, you would think only of yourself but if you wanted to be happy then you should think of how you can be of service to others. Historically, I have always served others through volunteering and have been a passionate volunteer at many charities throughout my life time. But now I see bringing meditation to others as the best way for me to serve the community and help improve the lives of others and raise the consciousness of our entire collective. What could the world we live in need more than that right now?


I would love to learn from you also. We really are nothing without each other.


Please let’s connect. Have a look around my website to check out my upcoming courses, subscribe to my blog, or just reach out to say hello.


Love from,


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

- Albert Einstein -

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