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Why should I meditate? 

The world and your daily demands of life can often feel very difficult to navigate and cope with. It does not have to be that way. But you don't have to become a monk and recluse into a cave. A daily practice of meditation will most definitely allow you to live in the world in a state of great emotional and physical wellbeing. It will provide you with an effortless path to experience a quiet and always stable inner state which is your true nature. Anyone can do it!


Meditation is a powerful antidote and releaser of stress both current and accumulated from the past. Some people experience an immediate effect and for others it can take longer depending on your state of openness, readiness and commitment. The longer you meditate the more deep and impactful are the results.


Dont wait for the impact of the stress of life to cause you suffering. Be proactive and meditate to prevent any impact to your health and wellbeing or those around you. Learning Vedic Meditation allows you to integrate ancient wisdom into your everyday life.

Medi Beni's according to science

Medi Beni's according to me

  • Scientifically proven to reduce stress after just 8 weeks of regular practice (imagine the impact after years!)

  • Improve physical and mental wellness due to alleviation of stress which is proven to cause the majority of disease

  • Improved sleep and relief from insomnia with meditation proven to provide 4 x the average rest for your body than one nights sleep

  • Less anxiety and great mental resilience through challenges

  • Increased clarity, focus and memory improving capability to work, prioritise and achieve success in a productive way

  • Less fatigue and greater energy throughout your day

  • Ability to stay calm under pressure with greater ability to solve problems

  • An empowering ability to self-heal

  • Regulation of your nervous system and recovery from all the pressure you place on it with worry and nerves throughout the day

  • Strengthening of your immune system

  • Happy to just be- less doing- less go go gadget!

  • Being less of a stress head- realising that stress is getting in the way of our natural state of peace

  • The creation of the awareness and mental space for making the right decisions and for new creative ideas

  • Being a much nicer, less grumpy and reactive mum who actively listens

  • Being a much more loving and compassionate partner more attuned to your partners point of view

  • Much greater self-love and awareness of who you are seperate to your mind identified socially conditioned self

  • More capacity for love for everyone around you upon realising that we are all indeed ONE

  • Far less dependant on the thoughts, opinions and validations of others at work and in life

  • Much quicker to let go of anger or resentments and move to forgiveness- say sorry a lot faster!

  • Ability to adapt and pivot when things dont go your way

  • Care a hell of a lot less what others think of you

  • Less reliance on alcohol or medication to escape and or calm the nerves

“We are sitting under the tree of our thinking minds, wondering why we are not getting any sunshine”

– Ram Dass –


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