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Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed by life or the world around you?


Do you often have feelings of anxiety?


Do you struggle with self-worth?

Are you always searching for happiness and fulfilment from 'out there'?


Do you want to learn a technique to help you with these struggles and that that also provides a path towards spiritual growth and evolution?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, please let me teach you a meditation technique that I have been practising twice daily now for over 7 years that quite literally saved my life after some very dark times following a gut wrenching diagnosis of a rare head and neck cancer having only just given birth to a new and first baby. And a technique and lifestyles that has seen me learn to balance life as a busy working mum with more grace and less stress.


Invest in your own self-care and register for my one of my Medi Steady Go ® Vedic Mediation courses.

What is Vedic Meditation?

Close your eyes to transform the way you see the world with your eyes open

-Natasha Mason- 

There are so many different and wonderful ways to meditate. Some require focus and attention on objects or breath, others are guided with the soothing sounds of peoples voices and inspiring narrative. Vedic Meditation is designed for people with active minds and busy lives and although it is an ancient technique it is totally applicable and beneficial to our modern lives. The technique gives you a personal and primordial sound known as a mantra (translated in Sanskrit as a mind vehicle). Vedic Meditation teaches you to repeat that mantra effortlessly inside your head for twenty minutes twice a day.

With time and dedicated practice, you will learn to transcend that mantra and all of your thoughts and access that part of yourself which is pure consciousness, pure being, pure bliss leading you to a place of natural presence, calmness and achieving deep states of rest and stress release. 

My Medi Steady Go ® Group Vedic Meditation course is held over two days on a weekend and includes four knowledge sessions to help you really understand the benefits of this ancient technique when practised twice daily for 20 minutes each time.


This is a complete beginners course and so you don’t have to have had any experience in meditation at all. You might even have tried another meditation technique which is not giving you the benefits you desired and so are keen to learn this effortless and blissful technique.


Once you have completed my course, you will be free to drop back in to any future courses for free to reignite your knowledge or passion and to help you stay on course to towards the impact Vedic meditation can have on your life.

In the course you will learn:

  • How to meditate using your personal mantra

  • How to integrate meditation practice into your daily life

  • Knowledge and wisdom about the impact of stress on your body and mind

  • How meditation can release stress

  • How regular meditation will improve your life on every level


And we will practice meditation together to allow you to experience for yourself what it means to transcend your thoughts and your mind identified ego to calm your nervous system and move back to a place of self sovereignty.


The course promises you to walk away with a mediation technique that will help you to steady yourself in a chaotic and ever changing world to be ready to go out into the world and take right and purposeful action.


The course will include:


  • Learning the Vedic Meditation technique and receiving your personal mantra

  • Delicious and organic Ayurvedic Lunch

  • Continuous and lifelong support from me as your teacher

  • Ability to rejoin any of my Group Meditation classes ongoing to refresh your practice and knowledge for FREE

  • Access to my FREE weekly Group mentoring and meditation sessions for life (every Monday night on Zoom)

  • A special gift bag from me to you

  • Access to a community of Vedic Meditators


The course is held in my Medi Steady Go ® private meditation studio in Castlecrag.


Please email me if you are unable to attend an in person course as I can consider a bespoke virtual course. I can also travel interstate if you have a sufficient sized group outside of NSW who wants to learn.

Session 1:

Saturday Morning

In this session you will receive your personal mantra and learn how to meditate in the most effortless of ways. We will meditate as a group together.

Session 2:

Saturday Afternoon

Look forward in this session to all of my tips on how to achieve the greatest results from your Vedic Meditation practice. I will check in to see that you have your mantra and we will meditate together again. 

Session 3:

Sunday Morning

After a night of private practice and contemplation at home, I will provide you with more of the science behind stress and how it impacts our lives and is released through Vedic Meditation. I will check in with you individually and we will meditate together again.

Session 4:

Sunday Afternoon

In this closing session, I will share some deep Vedic knowledge about the seven states of consciousness and how Vedic Meditation will help you move through those states towards enlightenment improving your life in so many ways. We will meditate together before you leave. 




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My next course will be held on the 29th & 30th of June 2024 in Sydney.

To find out more and to register, simply click the link below.

Image by Elena Joland

My next course will be held on the 20th & 21st of July 2024 in Sydney.

To find out more and to register, simply click the link below.

Grainy Surface

My next course will be held on the 10th & 11th of August 2024 in Sydney.

To find out more and to register, simply click the link below.

Plant Shadow

My next course will be held on the 21st & 22nd of September 2024 in Sydney.

To find out more and to register, simply click the link below.



If you would prefer to learn Vedic Meditation in a private 1:1 session (or even with a private group of friends or family) with me, I would be more than happy to do that.


This could provide you with greater flexibility for times, locations (happy to come to you or we could discuss the possibility of virtual session).


This would also allow us to go even deeper and talk in an open and personalised way about why you are meditating and overcome any  of your unique and personal resistance to learning and maintaining your practice.


If you prefer this kind of learning, please just register your interest below and I will contact you to discuss your needs and share pricing details.



After you have been faithfully and joyfully practising Vedic Meditation for a longer period of time with the initial mantra provided by me (or another VM teacher) in the Medi Steady Go ® Group or individual course, you can reach out to me to discuss upgrading to an Advanced Mantra.


This is usually done 1:1 and the new mantra will help you take your Vedic Meditation practise from the deep, releasing transcendence enabled by your initial mantra to a more expansive, all-present both absolute and relative experience from your meditation.


If you believe you might be ready for an Advanced Mantra (even if you were given your initial Vedic Meditation mantra from another teacher), please just register below and I will call you to discuss the course and associated costs.

FREE Group Weekly Vedic Meditation and Mentor Session

Once you have learned Vedic Meditation with me, you can have lifetime membership to access my FREE weekly group meditation and mentoring session.


Each Monday night via Zoom you will dial into the community of other Vedic meditators and experience the power of a collective meditation and sitting in stillness together for 20 minutes.


After we have meditated, you can use the time to ask any question you have about your practice but I will also cover different topics about life, spirituality and Vedic wisdom to inspire and motivate you.


Details for these calls will be provided to you after you have completed the MEDI STEADY GO ® Group or Private Meditation course.


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