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Human| Cancer Survivor| Meditation Teacher| Blogger| Author 

What you are looking for is not anywhere out there. It is in you.

Let your reign of self-sovereignty begin here, with me.

Let me teach how to meditate and rediscover your true nature.

Guru is not outside. Guru is your own true nature. Guru is looking out of your eyes right now.

- Krishna Das -

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Have you ever had that feeling inside yourself that you need to know how to meditate, that life feels too stressful not to meditate, but you also think that there is no way you could do it?


So did I many, many years ago.

Let me teach you the most effortless way to go within and meditate, steady yourself and go back into the world with more joy and ease to take action.

Find out about my upcoming courses or register for a free introductory talk today.

“Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure”

- Rumi -

I know from lived experience that life can feel:

  • Stressful

  • Overwhelming

  • Energy Draining

  • Busy as bat shit

  • Blood Exhausting

  • Anxiety Producing

  • Never enough like you always want more

  • Directionless like you don’t know what to do or what your passion is

  • Lacking in purpose or meaning

  • Like you know what you want to do but not how to do it

  • Unexpected throwing you curve balls when you least expect it

  • Unfulfilling

  • Lonely and unsupported




I am a full time executive General Counsel at a major Australian food company. I am a working mum who after seven gruelling rounds of IVF and being gifted with my baby girl was then diagnosed with a life-threatening head and neck cancer and entered the fight of my life to get to remission. That battle that left me with ongoing physical and mental challenges including the loss of half my mouth palette and teeth. Already an anxious person who had suffered panic attacks my whole life, I found Vedic Meditation (and all of the wisdom that comes from the ancient tradition). Then everything about the way I lived and experienced my life changed.


I have a book in the making, a blog that has finished baking and am well on my path towards a spiritual awakening. I have a much clearer understanding now of who I am. That I am not this small, egoic, indoctrinated, socially conditioned physical body and identity. I am an unlimited field of potentiality capable of taking on any challenge that comes my way in a steady, calm, measured way. I am ready for my story to become your survival guide. I want to share the blissful and effortless technique I credit with saving my life with whoever is ready so that they too can remember who it is that they already are and go out into the world, steady and ready to take right action.


If you knock, my door will always open.

watch a short video of my cancer journey here

How can I be of service to you?

I have lived through many practical real-life challenges and experiences. I have always had a thirst to find ways to self heal and so have studied deeply for years to learn more about how to remove darkness from my life and find fulfilment. I have accumulated a treasure chest of knowledge and techniques to help you too.



I can teach you an effortless and deep meditation with its beginnings steeped in profound ancient wisdom that will help steady you in a busy world and from that place of calm go out and take action.

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Subscribe to my blog The Haute Quoture where I share written pieces inspired by inspirational quotes about everyday life that you can allow to adorn your consciousness. Think of each piece in the collection as wisdom you can wear.

I promise you that it is possible:

  • to stay calm in a busy world;

  • raise your level of consciousness from where you are now;

  • to be a patient and present parent;

  • to cope in the face of loss, bad news or unexpected challenges;

  • to balance work and life in a manageable way;

  • to cultivate nurturing relationships and community around you;

  • to live in a state of good health and still have fun;

  • to evolve and grow as a human without past regret;

  • to find fulfilment within and not ‘out there’;

  • to change your life in any way that you can imagine.

Remember this always:


You deserve the best.

Never feel unworthy or

not justified in having the best.

I tell you, this is your heritage;

but you have to accept it.

You have to expect it;

You have to claim it.

To do so is not demanding too much

- Guru Deva, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati -.


You are one click away from having the technique that will help you access the steadiness you need to navigate life and all its stressors. An effortless technique that will be the portal to revealing your true nature and unlimited potential.

How nice are people?

"I would highly recommend anyone who has a busy life but wants to navigate it with more steadiness and calm to learn Vedic Meditation with Sarah. Her passion for the practice is infectious and she doesn't just teach you a technique. She explains all of the life wisdom that underpins it in a really clear relatable way"

Jules Robinson, CEO & Founder FIGUR
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