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Piece 1, S/S 2024 Collection A Factional Life

Thoughts. Are. Not. Facts. Do you want to just say that out loud one more time and feel yourself pulling into mental liberation station? A whole lotta people spend a large part of their day convinced that their thoughts define who it is that they are. They are a hostage, in a way, to a version of themselves that is not even gospel. Our thoughts are often just big fat fictional messages delivered to our mind. They are not always completely original works of art created from the freedom of our own pure undiluted mind. No, no, no. Many of our thoughts are often plagiarised little creation’s mixed with the paint and artistic contributions from a million other people, belief systems, institutions, cultures and systems. And over a hell of a long period of time too.


Our thoughts do not always emanate from a clean and untainted river of our own totally independent memories or interpretations of the world. They can rather be a much murkier melange of the opinions, stories, and theories of many others about what is true or false, right or wrong. And this has been the case continuously, 24/7, from the nano second that we were born. Of course not all of our thoughts are the enemy, but the danger lies in deriving our sense of identity from them, especially when their truth is so damn unreliable.


The thought “Everyone at work thinks I am an idiot, I am so bad at my job” might actually be the lingering opinions of a past boss at a failing and toxic organisation who told you that you would never amount to anything. The thought “I can’t leave my job as an executive and follow my passion to be an artist who never makes any money" could have arisen as a result of growing up in a family of 4 siblings all of whom are now well to do doctors and lawyers following in the footsteps of your retired parents of the same esteemed professions. The thought “I am so ugly and unloveable, no man will ever want to marry me” may well just be the remnants of years of childhood abuse by a father who then abandoned you.


Fact is though, none of those thoughts are necessarily facts. They are just storylines that we are holding onto and which our brain delivers to us almost on autopilot. And it is the same story for the thoughts you have about other people, places or things too. If we do not find a way to cut the cord on these narratives, whether they are the stuff of fairytales or the guts of a horror story, we risk not seeing or experiencing the world exactly as it is without the veil of the conditioned mind and the labels and boxes we put ourselves and others in. We rob ourselves of experiencing and perceiving the world in its natural state of aliveness and beauty.

A factional (yes I made that word up) life is one where we know that who we are is not a temporary and possibly fictional kaleidoscope of continuous thoughts, but rather the pure and always present awareness capable of observing the thoughts and calling bullshit.

If you want to learn how to transcend your thoughts and discover who it is you really are, please register for a FREE introductory talk to learn more about my MEDI STEADY GO Vedic Meditation course below.





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09 de jan.

I am registered🙂and cannot wait for the course!

09 de jan.
Respondendo a

Oh that’s so exciting to hear !!! I can’t see who made the comment but I’m as excited as you are to teach you!! See you soon x

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