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Piece 2, S/S 2024 Collection Karma over Drama

I have never not understood the harm that can come from people being mean and nasty to each other. But I have often misunderstood the human need to meet vitriol with more of the same. Which in addition to being extremely unhelpful to put an end to the cruelty directed to us is also, if we are honest, a teeny tiny bit hypocritical.


I had my very first dose of social meania recently. And it tested my little holier than thou theory about taking the high ground. Somebody I didn’t know left a comment under a video I had posted on the day my Mc’Dreamy Dentists had created their eighth attempt at a denture for me to try which felt momentarily uber comfortable. And told the story of the great hope this had given me in the turtle paced progress I had been making on my journey towards new teeth. She wrote “Do you not wear them now in order to get more sympathy?”. Ouchie.


My hurt little fingers hovered over the reply button as my mind conjured up all kinds of witty but biting (well at least on one side of my mouth anyway) retorts. People have been known to say that revenge feels soooooo good, but does it? Does it really? Or does it just generate more of the behaviour and hurtful impact you were busy fending off?


I had just finished watching the Emmy Award winning series BEEF on Netflix about a single road rage incident between two strangers that sparks an ongoing chain of dark and retaliatory actions. The feud entirely consumes their lives. And that initial ‘middle finger’ out the window fuels an epic long term sequence of hate that effectively destroys both of their lives and the lives of those around them.


The show was a dark comedic display of how meeting one person’s moment of mean with another is a grossly ineffective way to manage malice. When our resentment (some might say reasonably) gets the better of us, we don’t do the situation or ourselves any favour. So, I deleted the comment. And I didn’t reply. Less in an effort to hide it but more cause’ I just didn’t vibe it. Not reacting with more hate doesn’t mean you have to just take it either.


I could almost hear Karma in the back of my mind whispering “I saw that”. To both of us. And I knew that while each of us were free to choose what we said or didn’t say, neither of us are free from the consequences of our choices. So, I chose to leave it to Karma rather than to create more Drama. And then I went and cried in my room.



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Feb 20

I do the same. Just delete. Not out of wanting to hide it but in the sense of I don’t need the negativity in my space.. good for you Sarah. Karma not drama for life ! Xx


Feb 17

Always hard not to react, but silence is the better option here.

Love your writing Sarah x

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