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Piece 10, A/W 2023 Collection If you're happy for others and you know it

We all have individual personal goals. Each and every one of us. They don’t all get realised, or sometimes they get realised but not in a way that is aligned with our expectations. We also all have teams or people we fan girl over and champion to win whenever it is that they go about performing their particular artistry or prowess. But whether it's our individual goals or the pursuits of others, success levels are always varied. Success can be unevenly distributed between people, success can be at the defeat of another and success can be achieved at varying points for everyone across life’s timeline.

When it is ourselves, or, the people that we are waving our pom poms for who are the performance paupers, does that mean the applause for the star of the show on that particular day has to be dim? Or worse, non-existent? The question came into my mental stratosphere after the recent anti-climactic thump in the press of what should have been a tidal wave of celebration for winning nominees at the Gold Logies was replaced with a crushing dump of condemnation.

The iconic ABC’s children’s animation whose entire raison d’etre (ironically) is to teach kids lessons on how to manage life and treat others well was apparently “robbed” by another group of talented individuals who I am pretty sure were not wearing balaclavas, and, who probably also worked damn hard to win. Do you think beautiful little Bluey would have

boo-ed someone off stage who had beaten her? And people literally grew jaws to bite into Amy Shark’s title as Best New Talent for her very first TV gig not because she wasn’t talented but because she was already famous for being a kick ass singer. Oh, how very dare she?

In the light of a new dawn in my own personal evolution, the ludicrousness of the human need to gobble up the winner's dinner cast a giant shadow of shame over some of my own past behaviours. I had always thought that I had this 'I can be happy for others' thing down until the day it became apparent that finding a life partner was going to take me longer than it feels like before a new season of your favourite Netflix series is released. Or the day I realised that seven rounds of IVF is what it was gonna take before I got to change a nappy. Never have I ever found myself so shamefully incapable of showing genuine joy for those who were in love with either a man or their own child. Nuh-uh. Not this little sour puss.

It is pretty common for people to want what they want. No doubt. But when it is just clearly not our turn, does that mean we need to deny the win's that others have earned? I have learned that what comes our way is exactly what is necessary for the need of the time which makes it a hell of a lot easier to make moves away from those sham smiles shielding secret envy towards bona fide beaming for the successes of everyone around me. If I'm happy for others and I know it and I really ought to show it, guess what I'm gonna do? Yes, thats right, I'll clap my hands.



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