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Piece 3, A/W 2023 Collection Renovate Good Times, C'mon!

The 1970’s vibe antique cream Laminate on my kitchen drawers was being precariously held together by some Scotch tape. The brown sticky dense drips of lord who knows what uncomfortably oozed their way down from my extremely loud and old rangehood into my pots of delicious vegetarian goodness. And the mould generated from my damp floorless wardrobes around the edge of the sleeves of too many of my favourite leather jackets was becoming too much to bear. The sweet smell of the desperate need for renewal filled the air of my 1940’s red brick home. And so, the renovation began.

A renovation, by its definition, is the process of repairing, renewing or restoring something to a better condition. And it is the glaring need for change, based on the current state it might be in, that is often the catalyst for the work initiated to commence the necessary restoration into a more suitable condition. All of this home-work got me thinking about all of my self-work. How in the face of change, the importance of a home renovation for an upgrade of my physical structure was not all that different to the utility of a 20-minute meditation as an upgrade of my mental structure.

Just like we dish out the dosh to improve the homes that we live in when that physical degeneration necessitates a charming restoration, we should also not avoid the investment of effort required to move through mental stagnation towards a more expansive consciousness maturation. I really should have been a rapper. But in all seriousness, what am I trying to say here?

I was watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV this week and there was a breathtaking moment for me when the usually extremely cantankerous Roy had a fleetingly rare moment of vulnerability. He admitted to the eternal optimist coach Ted that, looking back, he really wished he had enjoyed himself more during his football career. In a visibly deflated state of regret, he mused “I guess that is just not who I am”. Without even a nano second of doubt, Ted just quietly released the wisdom“Not yet”.

Two simple words with such a powerful underlying message. If you can see past his words as a seemingly negative confirmation of Roys disappointment in himself, you will understand that what Ted was communicating was actually quite the opposite. He was trying to convey that the very fact that Roy was aware of and able to express how that kind of personal growth could have improved his life in some way was all the indication he needed to help Roy see that change was coming, that personal evolution was in play.

I have spent my whole life painfully pondering the question about what my purpose is, what it is that I am “meant to do”. Until I learned Vedic Meditation, I had always positioned that question in my mind as one related to static career goals. And I have to say, I have gotten my knickers in a real twist about it time and time again, fixated on the idea that there was meant to be just one thing that I was destined to do, forever. It is not always easy to know, identify and feel certain about what it is that your natural desires are telling you or guiding you towards.

But what if the answer is as simple as that we are here to evolve, to clean up our minds and grow? What if we allowed the answer to the question about what our purpose is to change over and over again according to what the particular needs of the time are at any given point in our life journey? Meditation and my studies of the Vedic worldview have gifted me with that more subtle state of awareness which allows me to view my purpose and personal role in the evolution of the world in a far more expansive way.

Now, when inevitable change or challenges move in my direction, I know that renovation is needed. And will be time and time again. That kind of growth, repair and personal upgrade is actually what I am here for. To recognise my raison d'être as whatever it is that is needed of me right now, in this present moment only, to meet the needs of both myself and the world as they exist in their current state is kinda liberating. C’mon now, let’s all renovate and have a good time!

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